‘Three Sisters’ – Julia Pascal Milton Keynes October 2019

The whole ensemble works incredibly hard but I must mention In particular Fiz Marcus, who is incredibly engaging on stage as the strong-minded Edith and gives a secure and grounded performance- – Carly Halse

‘Absolute Hell’ The National Theatre –  Lyttelton April 2018

Fiz Marcus does a terrific cameo as a mutinous cook. – The Spectator

‘Flycatcher’ The Hope Theatre November 2017

Fiz Marcus  provides a superlative performance as neglected grandmother Mae. It is difficult not to fall in love with this character, whose deep-rooted kindness seeps out with an endearing Yorkshire accent. She is capable of breaking your heart, …but is also able to make you throw your head back with laughter, touting the crudest lines in the entire play-. A Younger Theatre

Mae – wonderfully played by Fiz Marcus – Act Drop.UK

Fiz Marcus offers some light relief, although her vulnerability and desperate need for someone – anyone – to listen to her is heartbreaking –The Blog of Theatre

Mae, played by Fiz Marcus with outstanding comedic timing.- London Pub Theatre.Com

Fiz Marcus offered the audience some light relief from the increasingly dark storyline with her northern charm, at the same time as breaking our heart with her underlying fear of becoming irrelevant in the world. –The Open Door

‘Much Ado About Nothing’ Guildford Shakespeare Company  July 2016

Fiz Marcus’s distraught speech demonstrates her suffering as a mother. – British Theatre Guide

Fiz Marcus’ despairing anger over Hero’s supposed infidelity is full of tragic passion – Essential Surrey

Casting Fiz Marcus as the autocratic duchess is an inspiration. Her clarity and delivery swept progressively to a masterclass of confused emotion and the gender swap intensified aspects of maternal affection. – Surrey Advertiser

‘The Comedy Of Errors’ Guildford Shakespeare Company  June 2016

Fiz Marcus is a very haughty and authoritative Duchess Solinus before thoroughly enjoying herself (and delighting us) as a seductive Courtesan, following that with her role as a Nun – British Theatre Guide

Watch out for the ubiquitous Fiz Marcus in a variety of guises.  I laughed aloud when her Courtesan later became  The Abbess- Surrey Advertiser


‘Treasure’ Finborough Theatre  October/November 2015

Fiz Marcus brings weary pathos to her bitter, careworn mother -The Times,

There’s plenty to treasure in this staging of a historic Jewish drama. -Time Out.

The real treasure is the whole company, at the centre of which is …. Fiz Marcus’ interpretation of Jachne-Braine. – London Theatre 1.Com “.

Jachne-Braine – the excellent Fiz Marcus – Everything Theatre .

Fiz Marcus inhabits her character as Tille’s worried mother Jachne-Braine – UK Theatre Network.

‘Amy’s View’  Windsor Theatre Royal July 2015

Fiz Marcus’ closing performance leaves the audience emotional and exhausted  – UK Theatre Network

‘Tears From The Pillow’ Wireless Theatre Company October 2014

Our hearts were in our throats for the majority of the performance, much in thanks to Fiz Marcus’ stellar portrayal of a woman on the edge. – The Horror Hothouse Review

‘Occupied’ Theatre 503  April 2014 (OFFIE Nominated)

Fiz Marcus brings a commanding presence to the stage as the haunting old Romanian – The Public Reviews

Fiz Marcus gives a wonderful performance as the homeless Elena – UK Theatre Network

Fiz Marcus wafts – threateningly – throughout the piece ..there’s a fiery melancholy about her that strikes one cold – Time Out

Mam in “The Lady In The Van’  Hull Truck 2011 Tour

“Fiz Marcus is particularly poignant in the few scenes allotted to the increasing disorientation of Bennett’s Mam”. – The Guardian – Alfred Hickling

“his mother, decaying mentally in Leeds – Fiz Marcus giving this occasionally seen old lady a touching edge “- Reviews Gate – Timothy Ramsden

“Enduring Freedom” Finborough Theatre 2008

“Fiz Marcus…compelling as both the bereaved Hanna and a subtly manipulative congresswoman.” Natasha Tripney, The Stage

“The remarkable cast of actors bring maturity and emotional integrity to the piece, Fiz Marcus is quietly confident and strong”  Alan Taylor, Extra! Extra!

Gertrude Stein in ‘My Matisse’- Jermyn Street Theatre November 2006

Each of the performances from this team of seven outstanding actors is highly distinctive, well-defined and finely honed. For example, Fiz Marcus gave us a wittily independent and forceful Gertrude Stein “London Theatre Guide -Peter Brown

“Fiz Marcus playing a powerful and direct Gertrude Stein,”London Theatre Guide – Chloe Preece

“the strongest voice in Ginsberg’s play is that of Gertrude Stein, played as a brilliant, vivid caricature by Fiz Marcus” Time Out Jonathan Gibbs

We get her shrewd if cynical assessment of Matisse’s standing in the world of art – strongly focused in fine performance by Fiz Marcus – as well as Stein’s sharp asides about his rivalry with fellow artist Pablo Picasso.” John Thaxter – The Stage

Louise in ‘Private Lives’ Haymarket Theatre Basingstoke June 2006

Fiz Marcus makes a cameo comedy appearance as French maid Louise. The Stage Julie Watterston

For good measure we get a very physical performance from Fiz Marcus as the eccentric maid Louise. Newbury Weekly News Nick Lumley

It is Fiz Marcus, playing the harassed French maid, who gets most of the laughs. Her accent demeanour, timing and antics are perfect to bring this larger –than –life character to life Farnham Herald. Sue Cansfield

Natasha in ‘A Man With Connections’ Finborough Theatre And The Arches Glasgow January 2001

Fiz Marcus as Natasha Gladkov, radiates tension and intensity with a face so rigid from angry grief it could have been carved . Rachel Halliburton Evening Standard

The acting is superb- Fiz Marcus is a firecracker. The fact that she’s tiny is ironic as her presence is so big. Jane Ambachtsheer – Theatre World Internet Magazine

Fiz Marcus brings a powerful physicality to Natasha – John Thaxter The Stage

Mr McDonald and Ms Marcus’s fiery eyed Natasha enact a gripping duel Paul Taylor The Independent

Andrew McDonald and Fiz Marcus deliver as the mendacious Gladkov and his equally culpable wife. Lyn Gardner The Guardian

An exceptional performance from Marcus in particular makes the anguished attitude shifts wholly believable – Robert Thomson The Glasgow Herald

Natasha’s switches between rejecting her husband and exploring the promotion he’s received …. are forcefully enough played by Marcus to persuade you of their truth.   Benedict Nightingale The Times

Deborah in ‘A Kind Of Alaska’ Orange Tree 2002

Fiz Marcus has an amazing face and deportment and this is a mesmerizing performance ” Richmond Times

Galina Brezhnev in ‘Red Princess’ Red Shift

Fiz Marcus’s portrayal of Galina is superb moving between the little girl she was and the drunken old hag she has become What’s On

Galina – Fiz Marcus excellent – clings desperately to her memories The Guardian Lyn Gardner

Marcus’s impassioned central performance – with her convincing self –loathing Time Out

Fiz Marcus makes an indelible mark as Galina. London Theatre Reviews

Lovers & Lies one -woman show about Mata Hari

Fiz Marcus delivers a strong and imposing performance – excellent timing maintains the momentum – You might feel sympathy for Mata Hari. You will certainly feel admiration for Fiz Marcus. Richmond and Twickenham Times

Miss Marcus’s triumph is providing a sympathetic portrait of a fundamentally unsympathetic character. Surrey Advertiser.

There is an appealing directness about this performance which takes it beyond the narcissistic realms of so many one person shows – a clear restrained and unforcedly sensual performance. Time Out.